LSET Admissions

Participation in LSET is by invitation only.  The LSET Admissions Chair and Advisory Council appoint admissions committee members who receive nominations and select a diverse group of leaders from our nine-county region.

Each year, we reach out to current class members, alumni and friends of LSET to seek nominations for the next class. LSET’s aim is for every participant to realize the value of their investment professionally and personally in the program.  You can continue your commitment by nominating candidates that you feel will benefit from LSET's regional programming and are committed to making SETX better.

Your nomination(s) can be returned to the LSET Office via fax 409.242.5811,
email [email protected] or mail to:
P.O. Box 1386, Nederland, TX 77627

Multiple nominations are encouraged!

Deadline is 5:00pm, Thursday, August 1, 2019.

Pay Admissions Fee
(includes 5% convenience fee)
Nominations Guidelines
Class of 2020 Registration
The Nominations Process
  1. Nominee Status
    Is your nominee is already an LSET graduate? Contact the LSET office to see if your nominee is already on the alumni list.
  2. Interest
    Verify your nominee's interest in LSET before you submit the nomination. Keep in mind, a nomination does not automatically guarantee an invitation.
  3. Work Location
    Nominees should work and have a business address in the nine-county area.
  4. Position
    Nominees must occupy executive-level, decision-making positions in their companies, municipalities, organizations, or county governments.
  5. Public Office
    Nominees cannot be a candidate for public office at the time of admission to the program per LSET Rules of Procedure, Article IV 2c (6).
  6. Attendance
    Nominees are required to attend all of the class sessions, including the class orientation. Exceptions can be made for one class session upon request.
  7. Nominators/Sponsors
    As a nominator/sponsor, your name, company, business mailing address, business phone/fax, and preferred e-mail must be included on each form for your nomination to be processed and accepted.
  8. Tuition
    Tuition for 5 class session is $1,200 per participant and must be paid in advance. Tuition covers costs of meals and materials for all sessions. Participants are responsible for transportation to class session locations. Tuition invoice will be sent upon receipt of registration enrollment form or as requested.